Really…a $500 Unsecured Line of Credit with NO Credit check?

The Horizon Gold Credit Card is a catalogue card.  You get $500 in unsecured credit but you have to spend the money at their store which can be found here.  If you are looking to pay bills or purchase groceries etc… this is not the card for you.

Who is it for?

This card is targeted at individuals with bad credit who need a stepping stone to get their credit on track.  It reports to the major credit bureaus so you can use this card to build or rebuild credit if you make on-time monthly payments.

Bottom Line?

It is a real credit card, but the credit is limited to buying in their store.  You do get an unsecured credit line of $500 and it does report to the major credit bureaus.  In addition, with no credit check the likelihood of getting approved is very high.  If you can find some items that you need/want in their store and you use this card responsibly, then it may prove itself a useful tool in establishing or reestablishing your credit.

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